3 Ways to deal with tantrums at any age

Temper tantrums are no just for the terrible twos

As a parent with a toddler you get to the stage where you fly through the store holding your breath that an object is not going to catch your toddlers eye.  Shopping is sheer hell with them and although you enjoy them you sigh a deep relief when they get a bit older thinking shopping, or an outing is going to get better.  Well the bad news is tantrums don’t ever stop!  Your tween or teen is just as prone to them only at that age they can be mean with it.   It is part of growing up and no, it does not mean your child is suffering some psychological disorder they are just testing the boundaries and dealing with the changes going on inside of them.
They don’t really know how to express themselves and handle everything that is happening inside of them.  It is overwhelming for them as well as frustrating for them.  If you think of how you feel sometimes in a job with all these rules and regulations and you have no say in them, you just must do as you are told.  You, as and adult can process that and know you simply must get the job done within the boundaries set for you.  Or you can leave if you do not like it, you know your choices and the consequences of them as well as your actions.  Children are still processing and honing these skills so will test the boundaries and express their feelings through tantrums.

3 Ways to deal with tantrums

#1           The most valuable of all methods is the tantrum avoidance method.

Try to identify what triggers the tantrums and find ways to either avoid these triggers or ways around them.  For instance, ensure you child has their favorite toy with them if you are going out or shopping.  Let them have a snack before you go and ensure they are not too tired or moody.

#2           Distraction

If you feel a temper tantrum coming on try to distract them.  Show them something and make it funny for them.
Get them to sing their favorite song with you or engage them in a chat about their favorite topic like their dog, favorite toy.
Discuss going to the park and what their favorite thing about it is, etc.|

#3           The temper tantrum

As a parent we know how it feels, especially when experiencing your first full blown temper tantrum.  You stare in horror as you child goes at it like they have been possessed.  Trying to pick them up or console them at this stage is about as effective as trying to hold a soaking wet cat!
Take a deep breath and calm yourself as much as you can.  Getting angry will not do anything other than make matters worse!
Stay close and let them ride it out.  Once they have calmed down it is important to show your love, support and that you respect their feelings.  But they must also know that their behavior was ineffective, and they could have injured themselves.
Most importantly do not give in to there demands for it is just an open ticket for tantrums.