5 Top tips on nurturing a child’s spirit

What defines a child’s spirit?

When you think of anyone’s spirit really you think of the energy they bring with them into a room, an activity, a conversation, etc.
You or someone may define you or your child as a quiet contemplative person, or a bold outspoken person.  Some might have such a nice spirit that you can actually picture them glow when they walk into a room.  They could be a natural born leader in the way they take charge of a situation or are just someone people naturally turn to because that is the energy they give off.
A unique characteristic that defines them as a person.

5 Top tips on nurturing a child’s spirit

#1           Encourage your child

Each of us has something we are good at, love and or desperately would live to pursue.  But we do not for fear of failing, making a fool of ourselves, getting hurt or doubting that we could even do it.
Be their number one fan and support their efforts.  Pick them up when they fall and cheer them on to attempt it again.

#2           Love them unconditionally

Even through the worst of arguments, the tears, tantrums, heartaches and fears make sure your child knows how much you love them.

#3           Listen with both ears and pay attention

Children to have a story to tell you about their day.  Mostly they have learned something new or found out things that have interested and fascinated them.  It fills them with excitement and they want to share it with you.  Let them it is amazing what you have forgotten at times and how it feels to see it through the light of your child’s eyes.
Encouraging them to talk to you and really listening to what they have to say without judgment, criticism or attitude goes a long way in developing a trusting bond that will last well into adulthood.

#4           Accept them for who they are

If your child wants to wear a pink tutu everyday – well that is their little quirk.  Don’t judge them or make them feel like they are weird.  They have their own styles, likes, dislikes and feelings it is unfair of an adult to try change that.  All we can do is guide them and try as best we can to steer then in the right direction.

#5           Always make time to partake in playtime

I saw a post on social media once “If a child hands you a toy phone it doesn’t matter who you are, you answer it!”
There is nothing like joining in, in play with your child.  Their minds are filled with worlds of imagination that they turn into a mountain of fun and games.
Not only will you get to spend quality time with your child, but you may actually enjoy it and relieve some tension and stress at the same time.  There is nothing like tapping into your imagination to make you feel alive again.