What to do if your child is being bullied

Child bullying

Child bullying is quite the global epidemic at the moment.  Kids are getting bullied both at school, on the streets and on their mobile device and or pc’s.
The thing about bullying is that most children will not report it.  Parents biggest fears is that their child is being bullied at school and they have a right to fear that.  Being bullied is one of the biggest threats of increased mental health issues well into adolescence and can turn into adulthood depression if not caught and dealt with.

What to do if you find your child has been bullied at school

Most schools as the parents to let them handle it.  But this tends not to be that effective and the bullying just does not stop or gets worse.

As a parent I would want to bring the other child’s parent in to have a discussion with them.  But most research points to kids who are doing the bullying as a reflection of their parents.  This may lead to the parent of the bully becoming aggressive and or legal ramifications.

Leave approaching the parent last and if you do ensure you have all your basis covered too!  There is not reason, if you can afford it, why you cannot get legal consultation and or counselling advice.   That way should the parent of the bully turn aggressive or threaten with legal action you know you are already covered for this.

Before things get all messy with the bullies’ parent(s) the best thing you can do for your child is ensure they know they have your support.  You are behind them one-hundred percent and they can come to you with anything.  A warm nurturing environment tends to give children the courage and self-confidence they need to get through life.

Help your child with their social life by encouraging them to have their friends over for play days, go on outing with their friends and make sure they attend various social functions.

Encourage them to join clubs, play sports and or get involved in local groups or hobbies.

At the same time, you do not want to be too smothering of your child and need to allow them a bit of independence.  A great start is something like a summer camp or day camp where they learn various survival and life skills and self-defense skills.  These are all confidence boosting activities and are great for the kid’s health to be out and about.