10 Reasons why summer camp is good for children

Summer camp

As a kid you probably went to summer camp and the first time you did you probably thought your parents were shipping you off!  You felt a bit hurt and scared but within a couple of hours you were probably knee deep in fun and camp spirit.
Now as a parent yourself you suddenly realize that being sent to camp is more stressful and agonizing for the parent.  We don’t like being away from our children for long extended periods of time if at all.  Especially when we are entrusting their lives to a bunch of camp counselors who are no more than kids themselves!
But then we remember how much we enjoyed it, the friends we made, the adventures we had and the things we learned!

10 Reasons why summer camp is good for children

#1           With modern technology being what it is kids are basically slave to it and spend far too much time with their eyes glued to a screen.
At camp they usually can only use their devices at allotted time during the day if at all.
They learn to open their eyes and once again see the real world around them instead of trying to experience on Google or some social media app.

#2           Instead of being cooped up inside all day they have to get out and about to do different activities such as canoeing, hiking, swimming, climbing running, building things and or doing various group activities and challenges, etc.

#3           Helps their self-esteem and gain confidence.  By not have the academic pressures of school, or the competitive sports arena’s or the taunt of social media the activities at camp are designed to help the child succeed in their activities.  The do this without peer pressure or a competition hanging over their head.  So, they get to feel the inner reward of being able to do things and at their own pace.

#4           Camp environment nurture the child’s resiliency and encourages them to try things they would never have before.  Like a child afraid of heights scaling a rock wall for the first time, being cheered on and supported by her councilors and peers.  This sets them up to want to go out and try new things and not be afraid of life.

#5           Gain a sense of independence as they get to make their own decisions as they manage their own time and choose their own path under the encouraging guidance of their camp counselors.

#6           Learn valuable life skills such as outdoor adventuring, discover nature and the dangers out there.  They learn to take care of themselves in various situations and builds courage.

#7           They learn to appreciate nature, the joy and beauty of their surrounds.

#8           Camp fires and cooking marshmallows then smooshing them between cookies is a treat you just have to have when you are on camp.  It is fun and a great way to socialize.

#9           Children develop great social skills as they have to live, eat and do various activities in a group environment where everyone has to participate.  They do challenges and trust exercises with their fellow campers to help developed these skills.

#10         Summer Camp has always been a place where kids make the best friends, most of them return to camp the following year or at least keep in touch with each other.