13 Interesting facts about social workers work

Social workers

Social workers sometimes tend to get seen as the enemy when in fact they work to try and make a difference in a family’s life.  They work tirelessly to ensure there are good effective social support systems in place to improve family relations and build up communities.

7 Interesting facts about social workers work

#1           America established the social worker profession in the late 19th century.

#2           The profession was established to ensure that vulnerable people such as immigrants and poorer families were given the means, tools and skills in which to raise them from social and economic poverty.

#3           Social workers help people in the interpersonal and person lives so as to help them achieve a social and economic improvement

#4           They help people want to accomplish social change, so they can better themselves, their lives, strengthen family bonds and grow stronger communities

#5           Every social worker believes that every person has worth and the potential and the right to lead fulfilling and productive lives.  The believe in the importance of human relationships.

#6           Their code of ethics prioritizes human life – it is the NASW Code of ethics

#7           Through the US History social workers have created various programs and policies that give people, not matter their circumstances, a fair and equal opportunity to be able to cope with and get over whatever obstacles have blocked their way in life.

#8           Social workers have to obtain either a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree in social work and still qualify with a minimum number of hours of fieldwork that is supervised by an already practicing and qualified social worker.

#9           They have to be completely dedicated to helping people and once fully qualified earned the right to do so wherever or whenever they are needed.

#10         Social workers are there to help people of all ages from children to the aged.  They also help them through all kinds of different circumstances and situations such as hospice care, adoption and fostering, etc.

#11         Government sources confirm that over sixty percent of mental health services are provided by Professional social workers.

#12         You can find social workers in most police departments, hospitals, military facilities, mental health clinics and in a lot of large companies.

#13         There is a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that puts the Social Worker profession as an occupation that is expected to grow twice as fast as any other in the US.  Especially those working in the private social service sectors.