Why parks are important to the community


In most countries, towns and cities there are laws that state there must be a certain amount of land not developed.  The land is used for recreation such as parks, sports grounds, community picnic areas, etc.

Here are some reasons why parks are important to a community

To protect the natural ecosystems

Most people seem to forget that they are not the only ones on this planet.  That even a small patch of grass can house its own ecosystem.
As cities grow these creatures are left homeless.  Parks give them a bit of their space back in an area they are accustomed to.  Much like your home on the street you grew up on.
This also provides great educational outings for kids.  They get to learn about the creatures that live around them and amongst them.  Why they are important to the planet and how to maintain the delicate balance of it.

Storm water collection

Grass and trees are one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways of dealing with storm water.
They do not get clogged, must be repaved at a great cost or cause unnecessary road works that cost the city time and money.
To prove this fact Garland in Texas encouraged it’s private property owners to plant more trees on their property.
With a result  during a storm the rain water runoff has since been reduced by 19 million cubic feet.  Another side effect of having all those trees is how much their air quality has now improved making their urban forest worth a couple of million dollars.
With the threat of global warming looming on the horizon and the extreme weather patterns that have been hitting the states it seems more green space could be a cost-effective route to take.

The heart of the community

Parks provide a place for neighbors to interact, to walk the dog, go for a run or have a picnic.
It is a place where the kids get to be outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
Many communities tend to host various weekend markets, neighborhood picnics, concerts and or movies in the park.
A lot of parks also tend to have play areas for kids, recreational facilities such as skating rinks, basketball courts and baseball nets.
Statistics have shown that communities with parks tend to have lower crime rates as it give the kids places to meet and things to do thereby keeping them off the streets.