5 Ways to help your child combat their stress

Children also suffer from stress

There is a lot of pressure on kids these days and they too suffer from stress.  This can be caused by various situations such a conflict between parents, problems with their classmates, schools studies and too much on their schedules.

5 Fun family activities to help the family overcome stress

  • Make a concerted effort to manage your own stress

    A lot of times children can pick up on their parent’s stress. This in turn stresses them out as they do not truly understand the cause.
    It is very difficult especially if your life just seems to be one big rush and you are putting out one fire after the next.
    There are many ways to combat your stress and if you are struggling get help!
  • Ensure they get good quality sleep and enough of it

    As you probably know when you are stressed sleep becomes a bit of problem. You sleep pattern becomes erratic and you tend to wake up in the middle of the night with your problems seeing to have grown.
    This is true for you child as well except theirs presents in forms of restless sleep and bad dreams.
    Try keep all electronics including the TV out of the bedroom.
    Sit with your child and read them a good old fashioned bed time story while you snuggle down together.
  • Teach your child how to deal with pressure and listen to their bodies

    Dealing with various pressures is the key to helping your child combat and manage their stress.
    To do this you have to let them know that making mistakes is okay, that is how we all learn and stumble through life.
    As long as they are doing their best that is all that matters.
  • Rethink and rearrange their schedules

    The one thing we tend to do is overload their little schedules. They have school, sports, art, music, etc. Then still have to come home to a bag load of homework and or studies.
    The child is being pushed from the moment they have opened their eyes until they close them again.  Giving them hardly if any at all time for themselves.
    Rethink their schedules and discuss dropping some of their commitments with them.
  • Always make time for play

    Children, not matter their age, even teens, need time to play. Have some fun and relax.  This should be done each and every day.
    It is through play after all that children truly learn to express themselves!

Psychotherapist will tell you that a certain amount stress is normal.  There are times when there are going to be tough choices only your child can make.  But those should be the normal child choices and drama’s that give the barely noticeable and manageable amounts of stress.
Kids have a lot to deal with just growing and do not need the added burdens of even more stress and anxiety.
If you feel a bit overwhelmed by it yourself and fear you are not coping too well with your kid’s stress reach out.  That is what Social centers are for!