Nutritious lunch box ideas for fussy little eaters to encourage a healthy diet

Healthy body, health little minds!

As parents we long to have the perfect little eaters that would just gobble up all the goodness we put on their plates.  But they are children and their tastes are still being refined so vegetables and most things we know are healthy for them are out.
This makes packing healthy nutritious lunch boxes for school a task and a half!

Nutritious lunch box ideas for fussy little eaters to encourage a healthy diet

  • The sandwich

    It may seem boring to get a sandwich everyday so why not shake it up a bit.
    There are many variations just the brown slices of bread.
    There are delicious mouthwatering mini rolls, wraps and various breads that taste good all on their own.
    The best thing to is put some buttered slices of bread, a wrap, or roll in cling or sandwich wrap as it is with nothing on it into their lunch box.
    Then put a few topping choices that are nice on their own or mixed into separate compartment or small container that fits into their lunch box.
    This enables the child to make their own sandwich come break time.
    It also stops the sandwich from getting soggy.
  • The sandwich toppings

    Grated cheese or a mixture of a few different varieties
    Stripped grilled chicken
    Stripped lettuce
    Different vegies that they enjoy such as tomatoes or cucumbers sliced and ready
  • Fresh salad ingredients

    You can even give them various salad vegetables and or fruits ready to mix or already mixed for them.
    But don’t forget to pack a plastic spoon with the lunchbox for them to eat it with
  • Sesame seed grilled chicken strips
    with some diced cucumber and a bit of tomato sauce makes an awesome lunch time snack. Plus, most kids love chicken.
  • For a sweet treat there are many quick and easy recipes you can make at home such as:

    Chocolate chip oat biscuits
    Peanut butter slices
    Date and chocolate balls
    Banana and or apple mini muffins

Always make sure to pack some napkins and a plastic spoon for them.  Compliment the lunch with spring water and or a pure juice.