Community services information and fact sheet

What is community service?
Community service is a non-paying job or not-for-profit organization that performs certain tasks in and around a certain community.  This job benefits the community if a variety of different ways but mostly by doing a public service.  Could be volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping trouble youth at a center or helping a family find counselling, etc.

Different forms of community services


  • Community and family centers
    Some towns have various community centers that offer support and various activities for families, youths and the elderly.
    These are most voluntary positions and some centers may even have government employed social workers and or councilors to help get families back together and or on track with their lives.
    These centers also play a major part in strengthening a community and bringing them together. They may even help cut down on crime and make many communities a safer place.
  • High school graduation requirement or credit
    There are some schools that require students to have put in a certain amount of community service before they can graduate. They student has to prove that they contributed to their education in some way.
  • College entrance credits

    Some colleges and universities have community services as either a requirement for various courses or as a credit towards obtaining entrance into the institution.

Court ordered service
People who are convicted of a crime sometimes have to do community service for a period of time.
This has to be done through an accredit agency who will mark off the time in service to the community.
The service varies and sometimes it is directed at the crime committed by the perpetrated.  For instance, someone who vandalized a building may have to spend their time cleaning or fixing that building and others should their sentence permit.
A person who littered may have to pick up litter in various places, etc.