5 Pros and cons of giving a child a mobile phone or tablet

Mobile devices

This is the 21st century, a century where every parent must face the question sooner or later! “Can I have a mobile phone!”
There are many reasons to get them one and many reasons not to, we look at some of the pros and cons of getting your child a mobile device.

5 Pros and cons of giving a child a mobile device

#1           Pros – It is a good way to be able to stay in touch with your child.
Cons – the only major problem with this is that it could put your child at risk for theft.

#2           Pros – You can keep tabs on where they are always with the use of various applications such as Zenly.  There are more secretive applications as well.  Zenly is a bit more ethical in that you must be accepted as a friend.
Cons – This could be a privacy violation and as such could cause family drama and problems if the child thinks you are spying on them.
If you can spy on your child who else is?

#3           Pros – As the phone has to be registered for a contract it is usually in the parents name giving the parent full control over the device.
Cons – Unless you set strict limits the bill could get quite costly.

#4           Pros – Most devices come with emergency dialing on them.  There are also applications that can be downloaded and set in case the child is in trouble.
Cons – There are really no cons to these applications except maybe the phone not being fully charged or being abandoned.

#5           Pros – There are many great educational applications available for download on smart devices.  They can help with school work, guide the child if they are lost and access information from far and wide.
Cons – Being able to access the internet and other media applications leaves your child open and vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks such as stalking and cyber bullying.

Weigh up the pros and cons of getting the child the mobile device.  Find the best packages available and ensure that there are ground rules for the usage of the device.
As the contract holder you can set the various parental controls on the device.  Make ground rules and set phone limits.
This teaches the child responsibility and be sure to be consistent and stern should any of the rules be broken.  Like taking away the phone until they have either paid off the portion over the limit or have learned their lesson not to break the rules.