Useful Guides

Community Support for New Families
By Jane I. Honikman
The author of this book has had over forty years of experience with family community organizations.
Having been a co-founding member of two such organizations Jane has been the light for many a family from all over the world.
Her book discusses how a community can provide support for families with young children.  How a person can become part of the solution in bring back a good family dynamic.
Getting involved in various family community program to help support those in need goes a long way to gaining your own peace of mind.
This book takes you into the basics of establishing a family community and maintaining it. 

Stress Free Kids
By Lori Lite
With the new age of technology comes the new era of over stressed, overwhelmed and anxious kids.
Children have not yet developed a coping mechanism that adults have when it comes to trying to deal with the rigors of academics, bullying and the social pressures technology puts on them
Even the adults stress rubs off on them and adds to their ever increasing load.
This book takes a look at various exercise and techniques a parent can implement to help alleviate the child’s stress and tension.  It is written so the parent can become involved too thus allowing for more parent child time as well.  Whilst you are learning to manage and work through the book you will start to feel its benefits as you and your family gets set to live a less stressful life.