Useful Resources

Community center’s in and around Pennsylvania 

Central PA Community Action (CPCA)
This organization rates high on our list as they have helping families for years.
They do their best to help individuals and families get back on their feet, reconnect with each other supporting them non-stop throughout the entire process.
They offer employment agents who help with life-skills, job assessments and training.  As long as they have the commitment from the family/individual they will go above and beyond to help.
The can be found in Aaronsburg, PA. 

Center for Families
Located in Malvern, PA, this center does excellent work with both kids and adults alike.
They offer various clinical counselling for mental health troubles, emotional and peer support as well as support for substance abuse.
With life skills programs and groups designed towards young people from the ages of 14 to 19 in which they are taught various strategies on coping with matters concerning their health, disorders, self-care, resilience and healthy living.
They have a very good parent support group to help parents cope with children that may be struggling with different issues.
There are many different programs at this center designed to help and support struggling families and individuals. 

Family & Community Services
This Family community center offer services across the board.  From Outpatient facilities to substance abuse.
They have emergency food distribution services and food drives.  Help and support for families that are second time around parents, they help with permanent supportive housing and various disease medical management.
They can be found in Media and Chester Pennsylvania.